Supply Chain Management

RHIEM pulls the strings in the supply chain. We select suppliers, procure components and arrange delivery dates according to your requirements. Regular supplier evaluations and audits ensure ultimate quality standards in the entire process chain for fulfillment.

Marketing Fulfillment

Together with our clients we develop production and dispatch plans for comprehensive marketing campaigns in Europe. RHIEM chooses the most cost-effective and reliable options to send the marketing kits to your customers in Europe and beyond – be they end consumers, sales reps, retail outlets or other business partners.

Customes Clearance

We deliver your products anywhere in the world – fast, reliably and of course with traceability and item tracking. RHIEM knows the formalities and practices in international logistics business. This avoids unforeseen interruptions and delays as far as possible.

Hazardous goods

Whether it be electrical devices with lithium batteries, cosmetics or cleaning materials, many frequently used consumer products are subject to the law governing the transport of hazardous goods. Thanks to our qualified staff in the warehouse and in shipping, we are also able to offer you a solution for these products. Transport protection, the required markings and the selection of permissible means of transportation need to be observed.

Safe airfreight

As a recognized shipper, we handle your international airfreight consignments reliably and in the shortest possible time. Consignments packed ready for shipping by RHIEM can be taken over at the airport by the airfreight carrier without the need for further checks.


Reduce your stock and expand your range with the help of our cross-docking solution. This method allows you to provide your clients with products without the need for stockpiling. After an order has been placed, you retrieve the products from the suppliers and send them to RHIEM. If necessary, RHIEM combines these products with other warehouse goods and ships the order immediately.