Since 1971, more than 1.2 million home owners in Germany opted for products and services from HEIM & HAUS, who also offers great value when it comes to customer support and advice. Today, HEIM & HAUS is the number 1 direct seller of exclusive building elements in the German market.

HEIM & HAUS has for many years been relying on RHIEM for the design and production of its marketing material, packaging and other print matter. Together with HEIM & HAUS, RHIEM has developed a control system for installation and customer support requests. The web shop specialist also programmed the HEIM & HAUS website and is in charge of the warehouse logistics as well as dispatch and order handling for all products bought through the HEIM & HAUS web shop.


HEIM & HAUS Holding GmbH


Print Production & Finishing, Print on Demand, Software Development, Interfaces, Concept & Design, Webshop-Development, Content Management, Fulfillment, Reverse Logistics, Webshop-Support, Payment, Accounting



Kensington offers more than 400 smart and user-friendly computer accessories, from laptop locks and network adapters to chargers, mice, keyboards, trackballs and docking stations. In addition, the company sells desktop accessories, carrier bags and iPad/iPhone covers.

With the comforo™ package from RHIEM, all these products are now also available online to buyers in Europe. Apart from operating the web shop logistics, RHIEM acts as a “merchant of record” for the Kensington shop site. It operates as a reseller and is in charge of the accounts receivable for online orders.


Kensington Computer Products Group


Webshop Development, Payment, Accounting, Taxes & Levies, Logistics & Fulfillment, Reverse Logistics, Webshop-Support


Horizn Studios

Berlin based StartUp Horizn Studios, a venture funded by incubator Project A, develops high-end travel luggage combining design, travel technology and smart service. Launched in July 2015, Horizn Studio operates a global online store and an offline flagship store in Berlin, more to follow.

RHIEM is integrated to Horizn Studio’s webstore and handles warehousing & fulfilment to Horizon Studio’s global customer base. Also, replenishing the offline retail stores is handled through RHIEM’s hub in Voerde, Germany.


Horizn Studios GmbH


Interfaces, logistics & fulfillment, handling of hazardous materials



Adobe is a leading global supplier of digital marketing and media solutions. Using Adobe tools and services, companies can create breathtaking digital contents for cross-platform and cross-medium use. In addition, Adobe provides all the tools necessary for the evaluation of the impact of a web presence and its optimization. Adobe tools are therefore indispensable for business who want to track and boost their growth.

RHIEM is in charge of the warehousing and dispatch of Adobe products in Europe. For this purpose, RHIEM communicates through a number of interfaces with Adobe, providing complete transparency regarding the status of the orders and the shipped products.


Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited


Logistics & Fulfillment, Interfaces, Reverse Logistics


One World Play Project

One World Play Project is the company behind One World Futbol, the world’s only virtually indestructible football. This ball never deflates, even if there are many holes and punctures. For each One World Futbol bought online through the “Buy One Give One” scheme, a second ball is donated to a charity working with young people living in crisis regions.

The online orders for the One World Futbol are placed through a comforo™ system, and the balls are subsequently shipped by RHIEM to private and business customers all over Europe.


One World Play Project


Webshop Development, Payment, Interfaces, Accounting, Taxes & Levies, Logistics & Fulfillment, Reverse Logistics, Webshop-Support