L’ORÉAL offers women and men a unique range of top-class cosmetics. Known around the world, the brand is dedicated to continued improvement of its products. Thanks to its inspired development team, L’Oréal is constantly coming up with new quality products that are both highly effective and safe. No wonder L’Oréal is now the global leader for hair and skin care products, make-up and fragrances.

As always, RHIEM uses advanced printing machines that are not only fast but also extremely precise and reliable to meet the standards set by L’Oréal. L’Oréal has chosen RHIEM for the packaging of its products, as we are truly dedicated to quality and have the capability to produce eye-catching packaging solutions in-house. For the cosmetics giant, we use a variety of finishing techniques such as spot varnishing, hot foil embossing and foil laminating.


L’ORÉAL Deutschland GmbH


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