Print production

RHIEM prints in-house on the latest machines from König & Bauer and Heidelberg — fast, precise and extremely reliable. Everyday we challenge ourselves to meet different demands for quality, deadlines and price, individually and optimally.

Varnish finishing & hot foil embossing

A high-gloss or discrete sheen promises something very special, pure and valuable. Our printing processes cater for state-of-the art varnish finishing for extra sheen and great highlights. Excerpt from our product range: UV protection and dispersion varnish (mat or gloss), spot varnishing, blister varnish, hybrid, drip-off or soft-touch effects, UV opaque coating on metal-effect print. Foil embossing gives a packaging that special premium quality look. This technology allows for effects and designs that cannot be achieved with conventional printing techniques. Our customers are particularly fond of gold and silver foil packaging. We offer however many more colours.

Foil lamination

RHIEM was the first company in Europe to install a Syrius high-performance laminating system of the latest generation. This advanced machine gives us all the flexibility we need for top-quality finishing – with all conventional laminating foils. The Syrius laminator can be used to process any PE, PET, PLA, OPP, acetate, Nylon, thermal and structural foil.

Finishing work

RHIEM is your expert partner for prepress and printing tasks. All commonly used finishing techniques are available in-house. By opting for RHIEM, you save money and time, as there is no need to ship your goods to an external service provider.