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After the GoLive, it’s far from over for us. Unlike other shopware agencies, we want to accompany our e-commerce customers on a long-term basis. For this purpose we have our own team of Shopware experts who can take over the support of the web shop after GoLive on request. Whether general shopware questions, expansion research or plugin developments, we remain at the side of our customers and, if desired, provide long-term and uncomplicated support.
PS: By the way, this does not only apply to shops that we have implemented. We are also happy to take care of existing shops.


New Shopware versions appear regularly, which can contain bug fixes as well as new functions. The longer a web shop is operated and the more plugins are used, the greater the reluctance to update the entire system. We are happy to take over the updates and check the components involved. Thus the system is always up-to-date and contains all new functions.


Software is developed by people and people make mistakes. Therefore it can sometimes come to problems in the webshop and/or an inserted Plugin. In addition to the shopware support according to the chosen subscription and the support of the plugin manufacturer, we are available as your support.

Further development

A webshop is never finished but not because the developers need forever, but because a webshop has to “live”. New articles are published, the blog is filled with interesting articles and the homepage always navigates the customer to the most interesting product. We are happy to help prevent the shop from falling asleep or even dying.

Interface development

Every webshop must be able to interact with other systems, i.e. a variety of data must be exchanged, including data on article inventories or orders. We develop individual interface solutions. No matter if SOAP, REST, XML, CSV or other data formats, we take care of the connection of the systems.



E-Commerce is constantly evolving. New software versions, new plug-ins and new developments and technologies regularly come onto the market. We help to keep track of the many topics and are happy to advise you on all topics relating to the Shopware universe.

Plugin development

A new required feature is not available in the Shopware Community Store? No problem! We develop customized plugins for your Shopware webshop. Whether it is a missing functionality, a new shopping world element or a complex interface – we will find the right solution.


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