Tailored to your needs, we develop customized plug-ins for you – from simple extensions to complex interfaces. We offer individual development of shopware plug-ins in the backend and frontend.

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Shopware Certified Template Developer
Shopware Certified Template Developer

Premium credit notes

Simple generation of credit notes and partial credits.

Authorizing Access to Shop Sites

Authorizations for shop pages and forms based on customer groups.

Dynamic Customer Group

Dynamic assignment of a customer to a customer group using rules.

Automated Document-Creation

This plugin automatically creates invoices, delivery notes, revocations and refund documents.

Dynamic VAT Calculation

Plugin for dynamic calculation of the proportional taxes for redeemed vouchers with different VAT rates.

Document Deletion

With the Shopware Standard solution, documents cannot be deleted at the backend. To do this, you need this separate plugin.

Product registration

Allow your customers to register products using the serial or license number.


The plugin allows you to easily send e-mails to customers via customer streams.

Accessories articles quick selection

Add comfortably accessoryarticles from the mainarticle to the shopping cart.

Compare articles directly

Direct article comparison on the detail page, without the user having to select articles.

Customer-specific articles

Only selected items are displayed to an individual or group of customers.

Key figures in shopping worlds

The key figures of your shop can be displayed to the customer as a shopping world element.

Stock Status Order

Enables the quick identification of critical stock levels.

Advanced Logging

Enables you to more accurately track changes to certain shop settings and content.

Price by customer group

Hide article prices depending on customer group and manufacturer.

Additional information in emails

Adds additional information to certain email templates.

Customer group exclusion

Allow only certain customer groups to make purchases in the shop.

Status Management

Create, edit or delete order and payment status now easily and quickly.


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