Layout & Design

The requirements for the layout are very diverse. We always focus on the customer and his specific requirements. We find the right solution for every budget. The effect of the website on the customer and the usability are optimally coordinated. Our certified designers ensure that design and functionality are consistent. Because purchasing decisions on the Internet are not only rational, but also dependent on the emotional experience.


Usability can determine the success or failure of a website on the Internet. We develop well thought-out operating concepts and ensure that the visitors to your web shop do not lose track of what is going on, but quickly reach the products that are of particular interest to you.

Responsive Design

Responsive design has become the design standard for the development of new websites. We develop your website using the “Mobile First” approach in order to ensure optimal presentation on all end devices.


An uncompromising hosting and a server support of experts belongs to a functioning webshop.
The shopware certified hosting of our partner Profihost AG from Hannover ensures that your webshop is available on the Internet with high performance.

Conversion optimized

Successful e-commerce systems do not work on a random basis. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the conversion rate and increase it if possible. We support you in deriving and implementing the relevant measures to improve the conversion of your web shop.

Fast loading times

The fast loading times of your web shop have become one of the most important ranking factors and are a decisive factor in terms of user-friendliness. An important task for us as an agency is therefore the optimization of page content to increase performance.

Continuous support

We are committed to long-term cooperation based on partnership. As soon as your new webshop has gone live, our experienced support team accompanies you in the continuous further development of your webshop, carries out necessary updates and supports you with the various tasks in your daily business.


Shopping World

Shopware Shopping Worlds arouse emotions, increase buying interest and create considerable competitive advantages. Products, images, banners, HTML texts or videos can be freely positioned via the design stage in the backend and provide individual views in the shop.


Storytelling is a feature that takes your customers on an atmospheric journey through the shop.
Storytelling allows you to charge your brand with emotions. Just as a stationary store takes the customer on an emotional journey through the world of its products, Storytelling seamlessly transfers this feeling to the web shop. Products are not only presented, but always told in the context of an experience with all its moods and values.


Sideview elements bring even more emotions to the shop. By clicking or touching on an image, the matching products are
 displayed to the customere. This ensures a memorable shopping experience. And, quite incidentally, the sideview elements make a further contribution to exceptional usability.


With Shopware, the customer remains in the shopping world during his visit and thus in an emotional, inspiring shopping experience. If the customer wants to look at a product in detail, the desired information is displayed directly.


The use of filters without side reload makes the shopping experience more fluid. In addition, filter combinations without hits are automatically hidden. The settings for filters and sorting can be configured for the entire shop as well as for individual categories.


With the advanced feature Digital Publishing, dynamic banners can be created easily and directly in Shopware. Cut-off texts or buttons are now a thing of the past and make room for completely new design options. All banners you create are full responsive.


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