Online Marketing

Choose the support you need, whether it is just some advice or the full implementation of specific features. You always remain in charge of your marketing, but can avail of the expertise and capabilities of RHIEM when you need it.

Properly structured content that is optimized for search engines is indispensable for successful marketing on the web. Such content includes product texts and landing pages for specific, company-related search terms and keywords. Without these features, potential buyers will simply not find your site on the Internet! We offer workshops where you can learn how to use conventional tools for the evaluation of your online presence, so that you can determine whether certain implemented measures have the desired effect.

Keep in touch with existing customers through targeted and efficient e-mail marketing. By devising a dispatch strategy for mailings and linking the messages to your web shop, and by use reporting tools to evaluate the response rate, you can manage your customer accounts to boost sales.

RHIEM assists you in the proper planning and implementation of customized extensions such as interfaces for the integration of sites of affiliated partners, price comparison sites, payment providers or marketing systems.