A tried and tested system of quality checks in operation at our dispatch department ensures that the correct products are shipped in the correct quantities to the right recipients.

To grow your business, avail of the experience of RHIEM in the supply of distributors, distribution centers, traders, retail outlets and end consumers. We strictly follow the delivery instructions of the recipients and label all parcels as required. In addition, we notify your customers in advance of a pending delivery. For this purpose, we scan and compare all delivery dockets and EAN codes to verify that the product in the box actually corresponds to that specified on the docket.

For the shipment of the goods, you can choose your preferred carrier and service level. RHIEM assists you in identifying the best possible method of transport, depending on the goods, the wishes of the recipient and the destination country. As a licensed export trader, RHIEM processes all paperwork for export shipments including customs declarations. Located in the heart of Europe, RHIEM can deliver your goods to your European customers in the shortest possible time and at extremely competitive rates.