Accounts Receiveable Accounting

RHIEM offers you a complete “white label” B2C sales solution where everything from customer orders to detailed bookkeeping is left to us.

On request, we look after the accounts receivable of your web shop. Electronically generated statements as well as transaction reports for the various payment providers are read in automatically and the items are allocated to the respective invoices and credit notes. In addition, RHIEM offers a highly effective reminder system for overdue payments. Rather than spending time and resources on following up late payers, you can let RHIEM do this for you, as we have all the procedures and resources in place.

If requested, RHIEM also acts as a reseller. We thereby remain in the background and meet all obligations laid down in the sales contracts – from the handling of the orders and the issuing of invoices to the clearing of incoming payments and the VAT returns. These arrangements are disclosed online to the end consumers in the General Business Terms and Conditions and also printed in the header of invoices. All transactions are however handled under your trade name. The RHIEM brand does not appear anywhere, so that there is no risk of undesired brand transfer.