RHIEM: Smart luggage on safe routes

Fulfillment partner for hazardous goods

Rhiem ships the smart luggage made by Horizn Studios – and is very careful to take the many safety factors into consideration when transporting the suitcases because of the power banks with rechargeable lithium batteries supplied with the products.

Smart travel has moved on these days from just booking online or via an app. The digital nomad is now also packing a smart suitcase or high-tech bag. Having made a name for itself as one of the first suppliers of innovative luggage, Berlin-based start-up Horizn Studios is now cooperating with the e-commerce service provider RHIEM from Voerde. “Great care and relevant experience are needed when storing and transporting our innovative high-tech suitcases and designer luggage,” said Jan Roosen, Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “We chose RHIEM because we were looking for a fulfillment partner with the professional credentials to carry forward our high quality standards to the logistics and shipping processes.”

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Business sweeteners for RHIEM

B2B trade in sugar

Sugar made crystal-clear: RHIEM is setting up the online shop for the Zucker-Vertriebsgesellschaft in Braunschweig, a sugar trading company belonging to the Berlin-based Boettger Group, and its brand BOETTGER Zucker and will be taking care of the warehousing and shipping to manufacturers and other processing companies.

Sugar works magic. Made from beet, cane and coconut blossom, sugar has a potent effect on more than just the taste buds. Sweet treats also bring a sugary smile to the lips of those with a sweet tooth. The Berlin-based Boettger Group has been supplying food producers and bulk buyers with the treasured commodity for more than 100 years through its companies Zuckerhandelsunion GmbH & Co. KG (ZHU) and Zucker-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (ZVG). In recent years more and more small enterprises have been contacting the acclaimed sugar expert. RHIEM has now developed an online shop for these customers and is also taking charge of the warehousing and dispatch of the products. “RHIEM has opened a professional way in to new business for us and one which has required precious little internal outlay,” said Daniel Thomas, head of financial controlling at ZVG, “so now we can also supply relatively small companies with high-quality sugar.”

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RHIEM delivers supplies for growing hajoona network

Social commerce with wholesome natural products

Heidelberg-based enterprise hajoona sells dietary supplements and relies on direct sales and a growing international network of distributors. RHIEM has been supplying the entire hajoona network right through to the end customers since the fall of 2017, providing a dependable and rapid delivery service for products for a dynamic environment.

Whether green coffee, aronia pomegranate drink or colon cleanser, all hajoona health products are made with high-quality natural ingredients. The Heidelberg start-up adopts a direct selling policy based on personal advice and word-of-mouth recommendation, operating through thousands of business partners forming an international network which keeps on growing. The RHIEM Group from Voerde now takes care of the logistics, ensuring that the distributors have products to present at any time, that advertising and sales brochures are available at local level, and that the goods ordered by the customers are delivered swiftly. A modern IT interface between the hajoona inventory management system and the RHIEM fulfillment center in Voerde guarantees automated processes – entirely in keeping with the RHIEM motto “order today – no delay”.

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RHIEM: Healthy things for cats and dogs

Fulfillment the hygienic way

When it comes to e-commerce, pet food company MERA Tiernahrung GmbH relies on the experience of RHIEM. The Voerde-based fulfillment service provider will be taking care of warehousing and dispatch for the new product line Meravital.de. Hygiene is a priority in these processes.

Fancy dragging 12 kilos of pet food home in big bags? It is so much more convenient with the help of online mail order companies. Therefore the Voerde-based RHIEM Group has just agreed to provide the fulfillment services for Meravital for pet food manufacturer MERA.

Pet owners can buy medically approved diet pet foods and sustainably produced food for dogs and cats from the company. “There have already been orders for stocks of several 12-kilo bags,” confirmed Toni Föllmer, e-commerce manager at MERA.

“RHIEM helps us to provide reliable and successful e-commerce services, supplying vets and consumers with the food which their animals need.”

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RHIEM: fast, customized and sporty

Fulfillment on demand

RHIEM now acts as the fulfillment partner of BARBOZA. The young workout and sports fashion brand teamed up with RHIEM for customized shipping services that meet BARBOZA’s unique sustainability policy.

Fully recyclable, octagonal and catching the eye: BARBOZA based in Bochum ships its innovative merchandise in octagonal cartons with a black logo print, known as BARBOZA Octagons. The e-commerce service provider RHIEM has now taken over the fulfillment tasks for the young brand. “RHIEM fully understands our requirements with regard to sustainable shipping and environmentally friendly packaging. In RHIEM, we have found an experienced partner who will assist us in growing our business,” says Serga Joe Kiesser, founder and CEO of BARBOZA.

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RHIEM: Clever network for cheerleaders

Full-service fulfillment for Varsity Europe

Varsity Europe relies on international network of RHIEM: the fulfillment service provider RHIEM now handles all warehousing and dispatch tasks for Varsity’s European business and eliminates costly returns especially for British customers.

Cheerleading conquers Europe: more and more young women and men are engaging in dance, acrobatics and lifts to fire up the supporters at basketball and football games. Some of the groups even participate in cheerleading competitions. As a consequence, the business of Varsity, the US supplier of cheerleading apparel and equipment is booming. With the support of RHIEM, Varsity has updated its online shop for European customers and revised its fulfillment procedures to meet the ever increasing demand. RHIEM, the e-commerce specialist based in Voerde, Germany, now handles all dispatches and returns and also processes all invoices and payments for the goods ordered through the website. “RHIEM provides us with a comprehensive and professional service that is tailor-made to suit our needs,” says Dr. Jan Becker, CEO of Varsity Europe. “Through our cooperation with RHIEM, we have been able to improve the quality of our service, shorten our delivery times and make the return of goods cheaper for our customers.”

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