RHIEM: Mastering peak demand competently

Efficient fulfillment – scalable e-commerce

To plan and expand its capacities, Handelskontor Beck commissions RHIEM to handle the storage and shipping of baby and children’s items, which are mainly premium prams, pushchairs and accessories, from a variety of premium segment brands. The web shop is also developed and supported in Voerde.

silver_cross_1George and Charlotte, the Royal offspring of the British Royal family, ride in Silver Cross prams. Now the elegant and luxurious children’s carriages can be bought in the German-speaking part of Europe too. Handelskontor Beck has secured the exclusive sales license of the UK brand – and has also gained the RHIEM Group as a specialist for their webshop, and also for storage and shipping. “RHIEM gives us reliable support in delivering to both specialist stores and to consumers,” says Karin Beck, CEO of Handelskontors Beck. “Its scalable, transparent and efficient processes simplify our work”.

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Brands like Advent calendars

RHIEM Group supplies Advent calendars for brand manufacturers


RHIEM designs and assembles Advent calendars. Following the example of the chocolate and toys industries, the cosmetics sector has now discovered calendars as a gift idea and image bearer. A small gift – and a brand message lies hidden behind every little door.

Once this year’s Advent season is over, next year’s is already on the way. Millions of little doors stand wide open once again, and children and adults alike are delighted by the small surprises found inside. Nonetheless, companies are already busy with Advent calendars for the coming winter season. Brand and cosmetics manufacturers in particular are planning and ordering surprise packages for 2014, as this gift idea for adults and children is not only a sales success but also an appealing image bearer.

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RHIEM builds fan shop for Hamburg computer games developer Daedalic Entertainment


Fans love Daedalic Entertainment’s computer games like “Edna bricht aus (Edna breaks out)”, “Goodbye Deponia” and the coming game “Blackguards”. They can now order their favorite games and fan merchandise in the new merchandising shop.

The prize winner of the German Developer Award, Red Dot Design Award, German Computer Games Award and Educational Interactive Games Award, Daedalic Entertainments draws both teenagers and adults under its spell with its multi award-winning computer games. Assisted by RHIEM, the Hamburg games studio is opening an online shop for the fans of “Deponia”, “Memoria” and “Harveys Neue Augen (Harvey’s New Eyes) selling fan merchandise like posters, plush figures and mugs depicting heroes from the well-known games. “As games developers we know a lot about marketing software and downloads,” says Michael Jadischke, Director Special Productions & Merchandise, “but for the Europe-wide sale of physical products like T-shirts, mugs or mousepads we need an experienced partner like RHIEM, with a proven track record in shipping and logistics, returns management and cross-border e-commerce accounting.”

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Cartons full of taste and flavour


RHIEM assists TRY FOODS in launching its business: The packaging and fulfilment specialists based in Voerde design the carton packaging of the food sampling kits of TRY FOODS containing products from all over the world.

The flavours of the world – that is what Jörn Gutowski, founder of TRY FOODS in Berlin, offers connoisseurs with his carefully crafted food samples. These delicious tasters are now packaged in cartons designed and manufactured by RHIEM. “Finding a packaging solution for delicacies from all over the globe was a most enjoyable task,” says Ulrich Treiber, board member of the RHIEM GROUP based in Voerde. “We very much liked the innovative business idea of Jörn Gutowski and are delighted that we were able to assist TRY FOODS from its very start-up.” The online business operating from Berlin is about to dispatch its first trial packs. Jörn Gutowski is delighted with the solution from RHIEM: “The handy kits are not only well thought out and designed, but are also easy to transport. Their striking look perfectly matches our brand images.”

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Design, packaging and shipping – Turnkey Fulfilment from a single provider

The RHIEM Group is your one-stop shop for fulfilment services. The company based in Voerde, Germany, provides the cosmetics industry with a full range of packaging, confectioning and shipping services for all types of products – to retailers or end consumers. In addition, RHIEM also manages the backend of cosmetics online shops.
CosmeticBusinessPremiere for RHIEM Group: The packaging and logistics specialist exhibits at a trade show. At the Cosmetic Business in Munich (13/14 June 2013), RHIEM will showcase its unique turnkey fulfilment service. Themed “Manage Diversity”, the company will present its products and services for the cosmetics industry and brand partners. RHIEM is renowned for its attractive packaging solutions made for innovative materials. The company also puts together product sets, acts as central warehousing and ships merchandise on pallets to retailers or by parcel post to end consumers. Thanks to its worldwide network of partners, RHIEM is able to deliver to any location in the world. “For cost reasons, manufacturers of brand cosmetics are refocusing their activities on their core business. Packaging and other fulfilment tasks are thus outsourced to specialists such as RHIEM,” explains Dr. Stefan Rhiem, managing director of the RHIEM Group. “We offer a complete fulfilment service for the cosmetics industry, enabling our clients to save costs and free up resources to focus on their core business.”

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Cheers – RHIEM develops packaging sets for Berentzen-Guppe AG

Glasses and bottles – RHIEM Group develops standout gift packaging for the Berentzen Group.

Berentzen_Mixxes_Hugo-300x420A matching glass for the new mixed drink: consumers like to serve their guests drinks in a special glass or to shine at a party by making a tasteful and practical gift. This is why the Berentzen Group goes for packaging sets that stand out. The drinks manufacturer from Haselünne near Osnabrück has worked with the RHIEM Group before, benefiting from their ideas and experiences in design. The latest offspring born of this fruitful relationship is the elegant gift packaging for the new mixed drink “Berentzen Mixxes”, a variation of the trend drink, Hugo.

The Berentzen name has been a byword for classic spirits and fruit liqueurs for over 250 years. Refreshing fruit juices, trendy vodka, tasty cream liqueurs or classic wheat schnapps – whatever your tipple, the Berentzen and Puschkin brands provide the perfect taste experience to accompany a variety of occasions. In the 70s, the drinks and spirits manufacturer from Emsland became well known all over Germany for its apple schnapps: since then the Berentzen Group has developed an international presence and sells its speciality spirits in over 40 countries. The Group regularly creates new non-alcoholic thirst-quenchers and high proof mixed drinks. To conquer additional target groups and win over new customers, packaging matters. The Mixxes Set, made from cardboard with a plastic window, is just one example of how RHIEM skilfully combines materials, design shapes and finishing techniques to manufacture drinks packaging. Though each set developed for their client Berentzen bears its own face, the similarity between the Berentzen and Puschkin brand families is also stressed.
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