RHIEM: Clever network for cheerleaders

Full-service fulfillment for Varsity Europe

Varsity Europe relies on international network of RHIEM: the fulfillment service provider RHIEM now handles all warehousing and dispatch tasks for Varsity’s European business and eliminates costly returns especially for British customers.

Cheerleading conquers Europe: more and more young women and men are engaging in dance, acrobatics and lifts to fire up the supporters at basketball and football games. Some of the groups even participate in cheerleading competitions. As a consequence, the business of Varsity, the US supplier of cheerleading apparel and equipment is booming. With the support of RHIEM, Varsity has updated its online shop for European customers and revised its fulfillment procedures to meet the ever increasing demand. RHIEM, the e-commerce specialist based in Voerde, Germany, now handles all dispatches and returns and also processes all invoices and payments for the goods ordered through the website. “RHIEM provides us with a comprehensive and professional service that is tailor-made to suit our needs,” says Dr. Jan Becker, CEO of Varsity Europe. “Through our cooperation with RHIEM, we have been able to improve the quality of our service, shorten our delivery times and make the return of goods cheaper for our customers.”

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RHIEM: Where packages become advertising media

adnymics_400x300RHIEM prints personalized package inserts based on customer data. To do so, Rhiem relies on the “target packaging” system from the Munich-based start-up Adnymics. This unique form of advertising not only addresses and retains customers, it also boosts sales.

Long-lasting customer relationships in the online retail business are built not so much on placing orders as unpacking the merchandise. It is for this reason that the RHIEM Group, in cooperation with Adnymics, has recently started printing personalized package inserts for its e-commerce customers to draw their attention to further offers and encourage them to keep using the online shop. “The moment of unpacking is the best time to do our own advertising. A wish is fulfilled, customers try products out and they often need more as a result,” explains Stefan Rhiem, managing director of the printing and e-commerce service provider from Voerde. “It is absolutely essential for online retailers to capitalize on this moment. Inserts effectively turn a package into an advertising vehicle for a shop.”

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RHIEM: Mastering peak demand competently

Efficient fulfillment – scalable e-commerce

To plan and expand its capacities, Handelskontor Beck commissions RHIEM to handle the storage and shipping of baby and children’s items, which are mainly premium prams, pushchairs and accessories, from a variety of premium segment brands. The web shop is also developed and supported in Voerde.

silver_cross_1George and Charlotte, the Royal offspring of the British Royal family, ride in Silver Cross prams. Now the elegant and luxurious children’s carriages can be bought in the German-speaking part of Europe too. Handelskontor Beck has secured the exclusive sales license of the UK brand – and has also gained the RHIEM Group as a specialist for their webshop, and also for storage and shipping. “RHIEM gives us reliable support in delivering to both specialist stores and to consumers,” says Karin Beck, CEO of Handelskontors Beck. “Its scalable, transparent and efficient processes simplify our work”.

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RHIEM: shipped from different sources

RHIEM Group offers new fulfillment service:

contorion_300x300Cross-docking is the name of the latest offering from RHIEM: with standardized delivery from different warehouses, online retailers cleverly expand their range and make savings on cross-border shipping.

Picking from different warehouses: Commissioned by Contorion, RHIEM ships professional tools for tradespeople and industrial requirements that are ordered online. The e-commerce specialist not only packs products from the shelves in Voerde but also those that the fulfillment provider receives from large retailers and manufacturers. “We arrange the storage and shipping of frequently ordered professional tools for Contorion,” explains Stefan Rhiem, CEO of the RHIEM Group from Voerde. “In addition, we consolidate cross-docking orders so that clients are able to receive standardized and reliable deliveries.”

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A shop for really good stuff

HeldbergsRHIEM wins the contract for Webshop & fulfillment services for Heldbergs, the new brand of the HABA family firm. Selected products and distinctive unique items: Heldbergs (www.heldbergs.com) makes childhood dreams come true and men’s hearts beat faster. The new online shop of family firm HABA from Bad Rodach supplies “really good stuff” for men who want more than middle-of-the-road, mainstream products. RHIEM handled the technical implementation of the online shop. The e-commerce provider from Voerde also takes care of warehousing and fulfillment, returns, accounts receivable and customer support.

“On my trips all over the globe, I have constantly discovered unusual things that you could scarcely buy at all in Germany hitherto. With Heldbergs, I want to make available for purchase the kind of products that are the stuff of dreams for so many men and to satisfy their inner child,” says Heldbergs’ founder Volker Habermaaß. We are pleased to have found in RHIEM a competent partner for this e-commerce business. We have been able to rely on RHIEM to handle all of the webshop processes required.”

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RHIEM: A flair of luxury for consumers all over the globe

RHIEM Group now in charge of worldwide deliveries of Margy’s Monte Carlo products


The natural luxury cosmetic line from Margie Lombard is causing a stir among women all over the world. RHIEM now supports the company’s webstore fulfilment of the sought-after products to customers worldwide.

Voerde/Monte Carlo: The Princess of Monaco Charlene Grimaldi, the top model Claudia Schiffer and the singer Shirley Bassey have one thing in common: they trust in the cosmetic products from Margy’s Monte Carlo line. Developed by Margie Lombard from France, the product range has become a hot tip among women who care about their looks. Until recently, the Swiss made creams, body oils and masks formulated by Margie Lombard are only on sale at Margy’s Spa Monte Carlo, a number of top class hotels such as the Jumeirah in Dubai and selected cosmetic institutes and pharmacies. Women can now order these products online at www.margys.com online. And RHIEM based in Voerde near Düsseldorf will make sure the ordered goods arrive safely at the destination address.

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