The RHIEM Group consists of a number of innovative and successful companies that operate independently. Our commitment to excellence as an experienced service provider in the fields of packaging & print, e-commerce, services & logistics as well as merchandising is rooted in our corporate values. RHIEM acts as a reliable partner for its clients, suppliers and employees and has devised internal guidelines that govern its daily operations and long-term strategy.


One contact person

At RHIEM you always have just one contact person, no matter in which areas we work together. You usually work with this contact person for many years. The advantage to you: simple communication, fast agreements and unparalleled efficiency.

Speed and flexibility

Efficient production processes, a high manufacturing level and flat hierarchies allow us a high degree of speed and flexibility. You can act and react quickly in your markets.

Quality and reliability

At RHIEM, we’re obsessed with quality. We strive for 100% perfection. Motivated and cooperative employees, efficient processes and sophisticated quality management measures form the basis of extraordinarily high quality and reliability. Your customers will be delighted.


RHIEM undertakes processes that are critical for success. That’s why our customers demand high transparency. With our Internet-based customer portal, you get a detailed overview of all inventories and goods movements 24/7. Pure transparency in real-time, giving you the security you require.

Customer focus

We are driven by your goals, requirements and needs. You determine how we think and act — every day. We think and avoid incidents before they occur. If problems do come up, we take care of the solution. Guaranteed.

Global Partner

RHIEM operates internationally. As a global partner we work with customers and suppliers all over the world. Our partners in the USA, Europe and Asia guarantee excellent distribution. Multilingual employees make RHIEM an ideal international business partner.