elgato-300x225The RHIEM Group, an owner-run fulfilment services provider, headquartered in Voerde, is now providing its e-commerce services customers with a new-generation marketing tool, designed to optimize webshop sales. The new marketing tool, which was developed in-house, enables customers to link the RHIEM shop application to a CRM (customer relationship management) program. The software enables users to control their offers granularly and approach defined customer groups with individual offers ranging from electronic mailing campaigns, through discount tools to lotteries. With its integrated platform in the background, RHIEM is able to ensure the process is executed smoothly.

The implementation of a professional e-commerce strategy does not end with setting up a webshop; this is where the process first begins in earnest. Nonetheless, many companies underestimate the expense involved in looking after customer and product data and transaction processing, especially in the international environment. Supplementary to its existing successful webshop platform, RHIEM has developed a package with marketing tools that integrates seamlessly into the existing technology. RHIEM Group Managing Director Dr Stefan Rhiem explains the RHIEM Group’s Internet strategy: “RHIEM’s goal is to smooth the way for our existing and future customers in the global electronic market place. Our platforms provide a technology that allows almost every brand name to enter the world of e-commerce without the need for huge outlay and enables them to use the channel effectively – at a reasonable price, to boot.”

The basis of RHIEM’s e-commerce service is the tried-and-tested shop module with which customers can migrate their existing product catalogue to online shops in a very short time-frame. RHIEM handles the entire transaction process – from order receipt to delivery and collection.

The core of the new module is RHIEM’s newly-developed CRM software, which is closely enmeshed with the shop solution. This enables the customer’s delivery and other conditions to be automatically controlled via a web interface. All the parameters for special end-customer groups can be defined separately, shipping costs can be staggered to suit specific target destinations and discount sales promotions can be initiated and administered in a few mouse clicks. All the data recorded via the webshop flows into the underlying database, where it is stored and available for evaluation. A dedicated analysis and reporting tool of one’s own provides numerous presentations and options for statistical evaluations right up to management information systems. Dr Markus Fest, Managing Director of Elgato Systems GmbH: “The reporting tool gives me all the information I need to manage the online business within a very short time-frame.”

Another outstanding feature is the generation of initiatives, such as email campaigns using data from the CRM database to create individual codes in lotteries, for example, or segmented sales campaigns. From his many conversations with customers, Dr Stefan Rhiem has gleaned that: “Even if customers extensively outsource their online activities, they still don’t want to relinquish control. Our service takes this into account: all the parameters can be adjusted from the outside but the user stays in control. We carry out what the customer wants to implement – automatically, effectively and transparently.“

About Elgato
EyeTV from Elgato is the leading solution worldwide for TV on Mac computers. The multiple award-winning software, together with Elgato’s TV tuner products, enables the viewing, recording and processing of TV and HDTV on Mac computers. Elgato also develops and operates high-end H.264 video products. Elgato is an entrepreneur-led company, with headquarters in Munich, Germany, and a subsidiary in San Francisco, California. Further details can be found at: www.elgato.com

About RHIEM Group
RHIEM is an owner-run fulfilment services company with existing company structures in North America, Asia and Europe. Founded in 1958 as a printing firm, today the company has grown into a global service provider and consists of four business divisions: RHIEM Druck (printing), RHIEM Services, RHIEM Intermedia and PPS Solutions. The company’s German headquarters cover an area of over 40,000m² with a 450-strong motivated workforce. The Group has a further eight bases in Asia and North America. Further details can be found at: www.rhiem.com

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